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I explore shapes and contrast in colors, materials, and surfaces from a pure Nordic approach. My designs are inspired by the surroundings and history of Kronborg Caste and Elsinore i Denmark: from the Viking period and early Middle Ages, to reflecting the modern-day spirit of the area’s banks and beaches.Nordic cool and classic at maimaihandmade


Educated as an architect and designer I seek the clearest expression with the most impact. I graduated in the late 1980’s from The Royal Danish Academy. Parallel to my career as a design- and innovation professor at the Danish Design School and The Danish Technical University, I have run a design company with my husband Birger Christensen with interior products

For the last couple of years I have focused on jewelry. The process of designing of and handcrafting the unique products in silver and gemstones, gives me great satisfaction and contains all the aspects that I love as a designer: the refinement of a shape, the link between form and material and the respons I get from crafting silver with it’s unique charateristics and the gemstones of Mother Earth, more than 50.000 years old.

Mai-Mai work-2956.jpg
Mai-Mai work-3051.jpg
Mai-Mai work-3051.jpg
Mai-Mai work-3073skilt.jpg
Mai-Mai work-3003.jpg
Mai-Mai work-3003.jpg
Mai-Mai work-2979.jpg
Mai-Mai work-2995.jpg
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